PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There’s a dark cloud over the city this weekend as gloomy fans try to cope with the Penguins stunning Game 4 loss to the Boston Bruins Friday night, sweeping them unceremoniously from the playoffs.

All across the Steel City, there’s sadness, dismay and misery.

“I was really hoping that they’d make the Stanley Cup [finals]. I hate to see them get swept,” said Todd Burns, a Penguins fan from Homestead. “I was watching it last night; [it] really bothered me, but we’ll get over it.”

Following the disappointing series, the focus now shifts to what went wrong.

“I don’t understand the first two games. I think if they’d of played the first two like the last two, they’d at least have won one,” said Bruce Duell, a fan from Cranberry Township.

So, who’s to blame? Well, everyone has an opinion on that.

“I don’t think it had a whole lot to do with Bylsma,” Shannon Veon, of Pittsburgh, said. “I like him still. I think he’s done well.”

“The Penguins need to make some serious changes in the players’ attitude and management. They never adopted their style of play. Big-time scorers, they’re paid to win,” said Marvin Miles, a fan from McKeesport, said. “Better luck next year. Mr. Bylsma, goodbye.”

In the Strip District, hockey fans were taking advantage of some apparel discounts.

Meanwhile, the eternal optimists are already looking forward to next year.

“It’s a shame that it didn’t turn out any better, but I’m very glad they made it that far,” Darrel Veyon, of West Virginia, said.

Despite all the gloom, fans say they still love the Pens and they’ll continue to support the team.

“Sidney Crosby needs a hug,” said one fan. “I’m always here to give him a hug.”

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