NORTH HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Cell phone video shot by the Grgic family shows the front yard of their Park Hill Road home in North Huntingdon, Westmoreland County, early this morning.

“Usually, on a good day, the creek is nice and mild, but last night it looked like a huge river running from one end of the neighbor’s yard all the way down through my yard,” said Cherryl Grgic.

The most recent flooding was caused by heavy rain overnight, but the family says this is nothing new.

Their yard and road flooded about five times last year, and this is the second time so far this year.

“The creek rises up, it floods the neighbor’s yard through my front yard, my bridge floods over,” Joe Grgic said, “and nobody can get out, and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get home.”

This morning the water receded within about an hour from when the rain stopped. But until then, the family had no way to get in or out.

Now the Grgic family is left with a mess of debris in their yard and driveway. But it’s a cleanup they expect each time they see rain in the forecast.

“We knew whenever they said the storm was going to be severe that we were going to be flooded,” added Cherryl.

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