STOWE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – One of the hardest hit areas of the overnight storms was Stowe Township where a suspected microburst hit the area.

Residents on Wheeler Street were left without power after several trees were brought down during the storm. Many were out cleaning up the debris Thursday morning.

Lisa Rocco’s pool in her backyard was struck by a downed tree limb.

“Well, approximately 3 in the morning I was awakened by some vibration shimying, shaking, and some loud hail hitting the window from the bedroom and I panicked and I got up and checked on my grandson and everybody was okay, and then I came out to look at… I looked out the window and saw my table flung from the deck and then I saw a little bit of the tree but I couldn’t really see because it was 3 in the morning. So this morning when we came out, this is what we found.”

What she found were several trees that had been brought down during the storm.

“All the branches have broken off everywhere and it actually took a path all the way down. So, it wasn’t just the wind. There’s something that happened here,” Rocco said.

Now that the cleanup has begun, residents are waiting for the insurance adjustor.

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