PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Bactronix Vice President A.J. Powell joined KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino in studio to discuss the methods they use to kill bacteria. 

Bactronix goes about killing bacteria differently than most cleaning services. What makes Bactronix different is that they physically kill bacteria with non-toxic approaches using nano-technology.

Most companies use poisonous products like bleach to kill bacteria. Bacteria, however, has grown resistant to some disinfectants.

Bactronix uses nano-technology that is friendly to the environment while powerful against bacteria.

Powell wanted listeners to know that Bactronix is a “humanitarian-based company, that took six years of research to find the best possible method today to address the strengths of super-bugs.”

Bactronix takes pride on what they do, and will show you the before and after results of their hard work.

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