(PITTSBURGH-KDKA)- Chris Moore was joined by Pitt Doctorate student Andrew Ganucheau to discuss the “gap in supervision” that occurs between students getting home from school and parents returning home from work. 

After-school programs are a good way to keep kids out of trouble when the come home from school. Ganucheau explained “80 percent of juvenile crime occurs between 2 to 6 p.m.” and that “14 million children are not supervised after school before the parents get home.”

Andrew went into detail on the importance of mentors stating that “structure and mentoring” can “produce results.” 

Mentoring is “very important” in the minority community, and Ganucheau says “gangs are the elephant in the room.” 

Parents are working harder and working longer hours, it is not odd for a parent to work the “third shift” which makes it even harder for their unsupervised child. Ganucheau shed light on this issue with his experience in forming after school programs.

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