WEST SUNBURY (KDKA) — Butler Aircraft Modelers Society Show Benefits Wounded Warriors Project

Dozens of remote-controlled aircrafts have found their way to a grassy runway on a hill in West Sunbury.

Saturday’s flyby on Mack Road is sponsored by the Butler Aircraft Modelers Society.

President Dave Chisholm says the show benefits the Wounded Warrior Project.

“Four or five of these guys are ex-military,” he says. “Some people know someone that was in the latest campaigns, that came back hurt. It just makes sense for us to do it. And we usually associate air shows with the military.”

The planes are called giant models, for good reason.

The heaviest model at the show is a bi-plane, which weighs in at 94 pounds. The biggest one is an aerobatic model with a wingspan of 14 feet.

A jet hovers in midair, under the careful gaze of Matt Kozub of Canton, Ohio.

“You get the thrill of the turbine and the sound and everything that goes with it,” he says. “There’s just really nothing like it.”

Jasmine Reidenbach, of Winchester, Va., is the first woman to take part in the annual event.

“It’s like figure skating in the sky,” she says. “I can draw different shapes, do different aerobatic maneuvers. There’s just so much you can do with an airplane or a helicopter. It’s a three-dimensional object in space, which you can control.”

The BAMS Air Show takes place Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 315 Mack Road in West Sunbury.

For more information on the BAMS Air Show visit: http://thebams.net/

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