FINDLAY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A 60th anniversary party took a dangerous turn Saturday evening on a farm in Findlay Township.

Eight people were injured when the driver of a tractor lost control of the vehicle and a hayride overturned.

Findlay Township police say the accident happened around 6:30 p.m. on some private property between Route 30 and Strauss Road.

A first ride went well, but on the second one, the driver lost control of the tractor which then jackknifed and rolled over.

“Negotiating a hill to head down another tractor trail, and when it started down a hill, it started to slide and the trailer started to push the tractor, and it looks as though the trailer slid out around the tractor and caused the tractor to jackknife and it flipped the trailer over, ejecting everybody off the trailer,” said Sgt. Don Sedlacek, of the Findlay Township Police Department.

Both adults and children were on the ride at the time.

“The operator lost control of the tractor and the hay wagon overturned with approximately 20 passengers on the hay wagon. We had eight injuries, six were moderate,” said Sgt. Sedlacek. “They were transported to local facilities and right now we have a report that everybody is stable.”

One child was taken to Children’s Hospital, and the other adults were transported to nearby hospitals.

Police said the injuries ranged from lacerations, broken bones, bruises and contusions, but there were no life-threatening injuries.

Investigators believe weather may have played a factor in the accident.

“It looks like it was an accident. I think maybe because of the wet ground and the wet grass it possibly caused the tractor to slide and the operator lost control,” Sgt. Sedlacek said.

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