PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – By next Tuesday homeless camps on the North Shore will be gone.

Residents there have been put on notice to clear out.

One man who lives under the interstate, who did not want to be identified told KDKA’s Brenda Waters, “it seems to me that the bureaucrats is gonna win once again cause you got people living here that have nowhere to go, no hope.”

It is home to the homeless, even down to housekeeping. You can see their camps from the highways along the north shore.

The tents, furniture, blankets, bags of clothing and grills, but things are about to change.

It isn’t the first time the homeless have been kicked out by the city and PennDot.

Rob Kaczorowski, the Director of Public Works talks about the targeted area.

“Right now we are working with Penndot to clean up three areas, it’s Penndot property. One is near East Ohio Street, Lacock under the Veteran’s Street Bridge, one off 279.”

Once the homeless and their belongings have been moved out, fencing will be put around the area to keep them out.

Dennis burns, another homeless camp resident says, “everywhere we move, that’s when police come in and tell us you have to move. Are we really that gruesome, I don’t think so, we try to do the best we can with what we have.”

Many of these camps have been set up for months, some longer, soo why kick out the homeless again.

Penndot spokesperson Steve Cowan says, “both the city of Pittsburgh and Penndot have received numerous calls from motorists complaining about individuals camping under the bridges.”

Officials say there have also been complaints about panhandling in traffic, and Penndot and public works say there are other concerns.

There are health risks: there are no bathroom facilities and no running water.

In many of the areas there is garbage and officials say some of the homeless are starting fires to stay warm or to cook.

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