PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you cross a croissant and a doughnut, you apparently get what has people lining up outside a bakery in New York City.

The Cronut has become a food sensation that’s spreading across the country.

Now at least two local places have created their own versions of the pastry hybrid.

McGinnis Sisters in Monroeville now serves up what it calls “doughsants” on weekends.

And the Oakmont Bakery has been making its version for about a month and a half. They, too, call it a doughsant.

Mike Sullivan, retail manager at Oakmont Bakery, says it’s been a huge hit, with 200 being sold on slow days, 500 on busy ones.

“We heard about this doughnut-hybrid-croissant craze, and we just wanted to be part of it!” said Sullivan.

They showed KDKA’s David Highfield a little of what goes into making the pastry.

They begin by creating layers of buttered dough. The dough is eventually fried, and filling is pumped into some varieties.

At the Oakmont Bakery, they have five types, including a plain, a chocolate buttercream and a cinnamon with cream cheese icing.

The bakery charges $2.50 for plain, $3.50 for the other varieties.

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