PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — National publications have listed Pittsburgh as one of the world’s “must-see places.”

So VisitPittsburgh is asking people to send photos of the best places to see in the city.

Communications Vice President Connie George is sorting through a sampling of the 600 entries in a contest sponsored by the organization.

“It’s fun to get the community involved so that they have ownership in the way we sell the city,” she says.

Photos are submitted through VisitPittsburgh.com, which will make them available – with photographer credit – to news media around the world.

“It’s great to get people from Germany,” George says. “We have people from France, media all over the world who want pictures of Pittsburgh because we’re really abuzz now throughout the world as the place to visit. And they want to see our photos.”

Though the city is familiar to most of us, she says each photographer sees it from a different perspective.

“The spectrum is from a child in front of an Andy Warhol poster, to the fountain for the fountain re-opening,” said George. “One really cool photo we have are Pittsburgh steps, something that Pittsburgh is really unique because we have so many steps. We have a lot of those good shots.”

Technically speaking, the entries are not all “priceless.”

There are five cash prizes, with the top entry getting $1,000. Winners will be announced July 29.

VisitPittsburgh Launches City Photo Contest (6/8/13)
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