PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Three men trapped inside a pickup truck, submerged in a pond, wheels up in 4 feet of water. That’s what happened in May.

Witnesses tried everything to help them, including using a crowbar to break windows and pry open the doors.

According to police, 20-year-old Sean Titus was driving. Two 19-year-olds, Zane McMillen and Cody Douglas were passengers inside the truck. All three drowned.

The men began their night at a bonfire party in South Mahoning Township, Indiana County.

“They arrived shortly before midnight at that private party location,” said State Police Tpr. John Matchik. “For whatever reason, they left.”

Police now know that the men drove to “The Final Score Sports Saloon” in Dayton, Armstrong Co.

“It took our investigators time to go back through everything,” Matchik said.

In the criminal complaints, witnesses say the men were served alcohol at the bar and were seen drinking shots. One bar patron saw them stumbling into the parking lot.

As the men were returning to the bonfire party, they lost control of the truck on a muddy access road.

Charges were filed Monday against Larry Pompelia.

“Against first and foremost the owner of the ‘Final Score Saloon,’” Matchik said.

The 58-year-old Pompelia is charged with tampering evidence, police think he erased bar surveillance tapes.

A bartender, 22-year-old Karly Good is also charged.

“I think the premise is the fact they were all underage,” Matchik said.

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