Christine D'Antonio reporting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Today Tony Mazza got the news from the Department of Environmental Protection that his home is one of 12 with structural damage after the ground shifted late last week.

“Right here, under the window, from window to window there’s a crack coming along here,” Mazza said.

He considers himself one of the lucky ones as he’s still allowed to stay in his home.

Friday he and others watched as fellow neighbors on Fredrick Street in Mt. Oliver evacuated after emergency management officials said their homes aren’t safe to live in.

John Poister with the DEP says the land shifting was caused by underground mines located under all of the homes that have subsided causing them to sink, shift and crack.

Poister says the DEP will fill the ground to stabilize the land.

“They’ll drill holes there and then pump this mix of sand, concrete and fly ash and it goes into the area of the mines,” he said.

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