PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Dr. Frank Viggiano, the Gadet Guru, has talked about a lot of cool tech over the years, but this one is pretty cool.

It’s called the ShieldSak, and it’s a bag made of special metallic fabric that when a cell phone goes in, is completely shielded from service, GPS monitoring, or tracking. You are literally taken off the grid.

“Let’s say you didn’t want to be bothered,” says Dr Frank. “If you didn’t want to have phone calls to come, or text messages come in and you simply want to be off the grid, this will do it.”

Dr. Frank says it will also work on credit cards that have a RFIB chip, which a criminal could use a reader to steal your card information.

KDKA-AM’s Larry and John talk to Dr. Frank about the ShieldSak, as well as other cool new products. One of them is the Worx Air cordless blower, a battery powered leaf blower that uses no gas, and the Eaton Boost Turbine 2000, a turbine that allows you to charge a dead cell battery by handcranking your own power.

For more, visit Dr. Frank’s website, http://www.whatsnewdrfrank.com.

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