PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Talon Michael Perozich is accused of killing a young father for $300.

Today he face a preliminary hearing on murder charges. His attorney said there were two other people nearby who could have pulled the trigger and that his client is innocent.

“It would seem odd that someone would go and shoot someone or kill someone over $300,” defense attorney Myron Sainovich said.

But that’s what prosecutors say 20-year-old Perozich did on the night of June 26. Perozich is accused of breaking into the home 24-year-old Bryan Cook and his girlfriend shared on Versailles Avenue in McKeesport and firing a shotgun into the man.

“My client hasn’t indicated he has a shotgun or ever owned a shotgun,” Sainovich said. “He’s maintained his innocence and he never fired a weapon.”

However, in testimony today, a man the court papers identify as witness No. 1 says he was there when he watched Perozich fire four times.

“He seemed hesitant and unwilling to testify on what’s going on,” Sainovich said.

Witness No. 1 also told the court in addition to striking cook, one of the rounds hit Cook’s girlfriend Stephanie Palovich – blowing off part of her hand. She was seen running from the courtroom in tears during testimony.

Prosecutors say it was all over a $300 alleged debt.

“I have no idea money was owed to anyone, nor do I know that Tallon was actually angry,” Sainovich said. “He was there, admitted to being with the individuals – that’s one thing he did admit.”

“We have to look at all the individuals involved what they actually may or may not have done on that evening,” he added.

“It could be that one of these individuals who fired the shots that killed Bryan Cook,” Sainovich also said.

“This will all come out in court,” he said. “We’re going to finally find out what happened that night.”

The trial is expected to get under way in September.

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