Pennsylvania has certainly had its share of – well – “colorful” – politicians.

But they pale in comparison to New York’s Anthony Weiner.

The up-and-coming young Democratic Congressman –

With a politically-connected wife –

Got caught sexting –

Sending sexually explicit messages and photos of himself – to women.

With his wife at his side – Weiner apologized – and resigned.

Two year’s later – he’s running for mayor of New York.

He was actually leading in the polls –

Until a new round of sexting stories hit.

At a news conference – with his wife at his side –

Weiner admitted he kept sexting women for at least a year after he left Congress.

But it’s okay – because he’s over that now.

His wife says she’s committed to the marriage – they’ve moved past this –

And so should the voters.

[The only thing missing was Tammy Wynette belting out “Stand By Your Man” in the background.]

Weiner and his wife must be delusional – or clueless.

He makes bad decisions – lies – then denies there’s a problem.

She enables him.

It’s time Anthony Weiner made a career change.

Forget politics.

Think about a reality TV show.

“Weiner’s World” is bound to be a hit.

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