PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The fate of the 6-year-old daughter of homicide victim Dr. Autumn Klein was the subject of a closed-door juvenile court proceeding Wednesday.

But KDKA-TV has learned what happened at that proceeding.

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The family of Klein’s husband, Robert Ferrante, who is charged in her death, will not have custody of the child, at least for now.

Lois and William Klein attended the hearing and learned they will retain custody of their 6-year-old granddaughter.

They are the parents of Dr. Klein, whose death as a result of cyanide poisoning was ruled a homicide.

At the hearing, Ferrante’s son from a previous marriage and his wife sought custody.

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But Judge David Cashman rejected that motion saying they did not have legal standing to claim custody and that their petition was not properly filed.

Earlier this week, Judge Cashman reviewed the couple’s assets and freed up nearly $300,000 for Ferrante’s legal defense, but he upheld the freeze on the rest of the couple’s assets valued at $2 million.

Those funds could be at issue for the dependent child should Ferrante be convicted.

The defendant’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for next month.


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