PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A teenager accused of choking and beating his best friend before leaving him unconscious down a hillside has been charged as an adult.

15-year-old Kenneth Murphy faces attempted homicide, aggravated assault and robbery charges in the beating of 15 year old Allan Littlejohn Jr.

In his first TV interview, Littlejohn told KDKA’s David Highfield that just before the beating, Murphy asked him what his last words were before he died.

Littlejohn claims Murphy then came around from behind and began choking him.

He says he tried to fight back but couldn’t.

Murphy is a wrestler and Littlejohn has muscular dystrophy.

Nearly, 24 hours later, Littlejohn came to, down a hillside off Grandview Park. His eyes were nearly swollen shut, but he says he managed to crawl up the hill to get help.

“I was out there for like 24 hours. I was in the bushes, I climbed forward, and I saw people, so I told them to help me,” Littlejohn said.

According to the criminal complaint, doctors believe a fishing line, wire or rope was used in the attack.

Littlejohn says Murphy was upset over a misunderstanding involving Murphy’s girlfriend.

A spokesperson for the district attorney’s office says they pursued adult charges because of the seriousness of the case.

Littlejohn’s dad, Allan Littlejohn Sr., says Murphy deserves to be charged as an adult for what he allegedly did. He worries that his son will be scarred for life.

“You throw his lifeless body in some bushes to hide it, that’s an adult crime,” Littlejohn Sr., said.

Littlejohn Jr. says he just doesn’t want Murphy to get out because he fears he might come back for him.

“I really just don’t want him to get out or nothing, cause I don’t want him to come back for me.”

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