PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It was a mixture of nervous anticipation and excitement on the campus of Duquesne University today as the move-in process hit full swing.

The largest freshman class in school history – 1,550 students- began moving in today.

“Definitely. I think it makes them feel more welcome especially when you have people older than them helping them in,” Kahli Hale of the Duquesne soccer team said.

Kahli and other members of the soccer team are volunteering to help the people who are coming from Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts and other places around the country to their new home away from home.

“Oh my gosh! I was expecting this to take like an hour and they unpacked my car in like two minutes,” incoming freshman Mora McLaughlin said.

Hundreds of helpers scurried around campus pushing giant carts filled with mementos from home.

They unpacked mom and dad’s car to get first year students into the dorm room for the first time.

Rick Dayton: What is the one must-have item that you see in car after car? Anything in particular strike you?

Kahli: I feel that for girls, a full-length mirror, you always see those.

The move-in process helps lessen the stress for parents who may already be stressed enough about sending their kids off to college.

“I’m excited for her because I did the same thing when I went off to college and everything, but I’m also nervous for her. But, I think she will do well,” Chandra Farner said.

“It’s amazing. It’s kind of like a swarm of kids and it’s great. We don’t have to carry boxes or anything. It’s a nice set up,” Jim Dunlap said.

For the parents, the biggest joy may be watching their children continue to grow up.


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