LAWRENCEVILLE (KDKA) – A McKeesport High School football player was injured and flown to the hospital Tuesday.

Football-related head injuries are taken very seriously and when the football player was injured, he was flown immediately to Children’s Hospital.

Official say the injured player is a 16-year-old sophomore who was participating in the week-long football training camp at McKeesport High School.

At the time of the injury, he was practicing a drill with another player.

“There was a collision between two students during a drill this morning,” said PR Spokeswoman Kristen Garin with the McKeesport School District. “They were in full pads and helmets, so it was a result of their drills this morning.”

“I just got word and am happy to report that he is doing well and he sustained a concussion,” she later added.

The student’s family requested that no further information be released at this time.

Head injuries are a big focus in the sport from the NFL to pop warner and over the years, there’s been a big emphasis on improving helmets as well as teaching the proper ways to block and tackle.

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