SHALER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — New details are emerging following a deadly shooting in Shaler overnight that left a 19-year-old dead and her mother and brother critically injured.

Police continue working to piece together a motive. Sources tell KDKA’s Marty Griffin that the alleged gunman, James Edwards, had been suspended from his job last week and was expected to be fired today.

Police have never been called to the Edwards’ home, and there are no reports of any sort of domestic trouble. No arrest record and no reported criminal history at all on James Edwards.

“We are obviously in the early stages of the investigation trying to determine what may have caused this,” said Lt. Andrew Schurman, of Allegheny County Police.

There was no note, no clear motive. It’s a case so confounding that police are asking the public for help.

“Obviously, if anybody has been in contact with the family, might have some insight, please call the homicide unit. It’s something we can use,” said Lt. Schurman.

Here’s what we do know, Edwards was suspended from his electricians job at the Allegheny County Airport on Friday and was expected to be fired today.

The grounds for termination, according to sources, are insubordination. Sources confirm significant behavioral problems with Edwards led to his suspension.

Sources also confirm Edwards had significant financial obligations and may have been feeling ashamed about his inability to meet those obligations.

With Edwards gone, police say they may never know the motive.

“He’s obviously the best source of information for that, and without him to talk to, we may never know exactly,” said Lt. Schurman.

That being said, police have interviewed Edwards’ wife, Charlene. She says they just had a birthday party for his daughter, who he shot and killed, and that he appeared fine.

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