PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Heavy rain overnight and early this morning caused flash flooding in parts of the area.

West Pike Run Township in Washington County is just one of the places where they’re cleaning up.

Washington County has seen its fair share of flooding this summer and this morning was no different. Families living in Coal Center say West Pike Run creek overflowed and left everything a mess.

The O’Neil family has been living along Elm Road in Coal Center for nearly 40 years.

They’ve seen flooding, but nothing like this.

“It was like a waterfall coming down the road,” said Darlene O’Neil.

“Even to stand here and help my dad shovel, the water was just pushing me. It was crazy,” added Beth O’Neil.

The family says it all started about 7:30 a.m. right as Beth was putting the kids on the bus for school. She said the water started coming so fast that it looked like a river.

“I actually had to carry the kids across the thing to get them on the van because the water was coming down so fast, and I didn’t want them to get all wet,” said Beth.

“It went down our sidewalk and filled up our basement door,” added Darlene. “So we haven’t opened it yet.”

Up the hill at their neighbor’s house, they had more than a foot in their cellar at one point. And their living room was just as bad.

“We’ve had it bad, but this is super bad,” said Darlene.

KDKA’s Kimberly Gill called and spoke with the O’Neil family Friday afternoon and Beth says the fire department did make it to their home, and all the water is cleaned up.

Now, they’re just waiting for everything to dry out.

Officials in Fayette County also reported flash flooding occurring in Point Marion, Bullskin Township and Connellsville.

No injuries have been reported so far.

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