PITTSBURGH (KDKA) –Police are continuing to investigate after a child was fatally shot three months ago.

Summer has come and gone, but investigators are still treating this case as though it was just put before them.

Still searching for the gunman and becoming increasingly more frustrated that witnesses are not coming forward.

It was May 21, 2013 when 1-year-old Marcus White, Jr. was shot and killed in the arms of his aunt during a picnic in the East Hills.

Three months later, the family has yet to receive the validation that the people responsible are off the streets.

“We have made some progress, obviously, not enough, to apply for an arrest warrant,” said Pittsburgh Police Lt. Kevin Kraus.

Kraus says it’s not because of a lack of trying – what they’re missing are eyewitnesses.

“We strongly believe that there were people there that know exactly who did this,” Kraus said, “ … in this case, with the outrage that it caused, we’re certainly frustrated with the lack of cooperation, to say the least.”

KDKA talked to the boy’s mother, Jameela Tyler, and other family after the shooting in May. They demanded that the gunmen turn themselves in.

“He was a happy baby,” said Tyler. “Everybody loved him. He didn’t deserve it. All of this about what? I just don’t understand it.”

Justice for the innocent child is a continued driving force for the Pittsburgh Police, who believe three men were behind the shooting, which also injured two women.

This case is also affecting homicide detectives, just the same as those who mourn the loss of the child and cling to the hope of arrests.

“We have the same goal in all cases, to bring fair justice to those responsible in all parties involved in a case,” Kraus said. “But law enforcement, we’re part of that community too. And the death of a 1-year-old certainly impacts the investigators.”

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