PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA)- With President Barack Obama announcing Saturday that he will seek congressional approval to use force in Syria, many are asking: What will happen next in the Middle East?

Betsy Hiel covers the Middle East for the Tribune-Review and spoke to NewsRadio 1020 KDKA live from the region. Hiel talked about the problems in the Middle East right now and what she observes to be the mentality of many Syrians during this conflict.

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She said many were eager to find out what Obama would say in his speech Saturday addressing Syria.

But when the president said he would seek approval from congress — which doesn’t convene for more than a week — to intervene in Syria, state-run media there suggested the opposite would happen.

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‚ÄúToday the Syrian state press ran a story gloating, saying Obama signals a great historic American retreat,” she said.

Hiel also says many Syrians are worried about the fallout if there is a military strike. She says the fear is that Syrian allies may strike against Israel.

They also worry that if there is a strike against Israel, the Middle East will escalate from a regional war to a Middle Eastern war with international involvement.

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Listen to Betsy Hiel’s full interview below: