PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A kid on the hill is unhittable, Pedro breaks out of a slump to driving in the winning run, the hometown kid flips to first for the final out, and 20 years of mediocrity and worse is over.

The Pirates are back to the winning side of baseball.

“This is a milestone for Pittsburgh,” said fan Ray Zellers. “We have great sports teams here and it’s long overdue. The fans have been yearning for a winning season with the Pirates, and finally I think the city’s getting it.”

The history of the past 20 years has been written by Pirates who became hometown favorites, who were beloved by Pirates fans, but for many reasons were unable to deliver a winning season.

That’s until Andrew McCutchen and company came along telling KDKA’s John Shumway in Bradenton, Fla., back in March:

“We want to be that team to have a winning season and turns that around, gets the Pittsburgh Pirates back in the winning tradition,” said Pirates first baseman Garrett Jones.

“Obviously, none of us have been here for the past 20 years,” McCutchen said. “You know, we’re starting our own timetable here, and I know this group is ready and prepared to end that.”

And, in the skipper’s eyes:

“Our goal is to win a World Series, our goal is to win our division, and yes, to have a winning season; those are mile markers along the way,” Clint Hurdle said back on March 27.

The 82nd win may be a bigger deal to the fans than the team, but after the game Monday night, a relieved McCutchen said: “It’s been a long time for us and a long time for the city. You know, it’s great to get that 82nd win out of the way, but we’re looking way past that.”

And with 82 in the books, fans can look ahead, too.

“We have a strong team this year and I’m hopeful the playoffs will be successful this year,” said Corey Robinson of McKees Rocks.

“It’s exhilarating and people can now move on and enjoy the playoff opportunities,” added Kelley Wasicek, of Ross Township.

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