SHALER (KDKA) – After school was delayed during a teacher’s strike, Shaler students are going back to school today.

Students were out of the classroom for eight days as teachers negotiated with district officials.

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Teachers and the district were able to come to an agreement Tuesday night and the teachers went back to school Thursday to prepare for the arrival of students Friday.

KDKA’s Sarah Arbogast Reports:

The primary strike issues included health care costs and salaries.

And the two sides were able to reach an agreement on healthcare contributions.

Shaler Middle School students seemed excited to return to class Friday, to meet their new teachers and catch up with friends.

About 4,600 students make up the Shaler Area School District.

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“We understood that the teachers needed to do what they needed to do,” said parent Kim Conely, “but it was nice as a parent to have the kids go back to school and I think they were ready themselves too.”

Parents and grandparents who have been serving as babysitters say they are relieved that the strike is over.

“As a senior tax payer, I can see the issue on both sides and fortunately there are very professional people involved here — it lingered a lot longer than we thought it would, but thank God everything came up amicably,” said grandparent Dr. John McDonough.

Salary is still an issue however, but to deal with that, the two side have entered into binding arbitration.

It’s unclear when the eight days will be made up.

KDKA’s Heather Abraham Reports:

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