BELTZHOOVER (KDKA) — Brittany Thibodeaux, 18, is inconsolable.

Whatever last, slim hold her family had on any sense of normalcy was falling apart.

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“Things got away from all of us,” she said. “We’re partly to blame.”

Tuesday morning police and Humane Society Officers, and a Building Inspector, showed up at their rented home on Beltzhoover Avenue.

Three younger children were taken into custody by Allegheny County Children and Youth Services.

“They were teenagers down to 9 years old,” said Humane Society Officer, Kathy Hecker.

Then the family pets were removed from the house.

“We just took four cats and four dogs out of the house,” said Kathy Hecker.

There was also an albino ferret. Those who had seen inside say the place is unlivable.

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“It’s feces, human garbage, clutter, they just never threw anything away,” Hecker said.

The father, Joe Thibodeaux is in a wheelchair.

“I know I’m being charged – my wife and I are being charged – she’s in the hospital right now, a lot of things going on and that’s all I have to say, please,” he said.

Among the charges against the parents, endangering the welfare of children, cruelty to animals and violations of city ordinances.

Brittany Thibodeaux says her family’s unspecified problems began a year ago.

They have lived on Beltzhoover Avenue for more than a dozen years, and according to the landlord, no trouble, always paying rent on time – until recently. It’s unclear why they didn’t seek help.

“We lost track of everything,” she said. “With everything going on — it’s been a long year.”

And like the Thibodeax family, the animals will have to find a new home.

“They really are nice animals,” says Hecker. “I think somewhere back when, they must of had a pretty good life.”

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