MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) – A Murrysville man is charged with driving his riding lawn mower while under the influence.

Tom Marrone says he had some beers with friends after cutting the grass and decided he wanted to go home.

He didn’t want to get behind the wheel of his truck, so he took his tractor instead.

“I was going to take the truck, but I thought I was too drunk to drive,” said Marrone, “and like an idiot, which I was, I took the zero.”

A short distance into the six-mile ride, along Gun Club Road near Royal Highlands Park, he tried to turn around.

It was too late. A Murrysville Police officer pulled him over for DUI.

“He said I had an open can of Coors Light, it wasn’t,” said Marrone. “It was crushed; it was already in there because I don’t drink Coors Light cause I would not have been intoxicated if I was drinking Coors Light, I just want to say that.”

Marrone got a DUI in December of 2010 for driving his truck, and says he was trying to be responsible this time around.

Now though, Marrone knows he made a bad decision and says he is embarrassed by his actions.

“The only person I hurt was myself,” he said. “And believe me, this is terrible.”

He was charged via summons. He’ll go before a judge later this month.

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