GLENSHAW (KDKA) – A teenager caught in a firestorm over a hunting knife, will have to finish serving a 10-day suspension before he can return to school, but will not be expelled.

School officials say David Schaffner III, of Fox Chapel High School, has served five-days of his suspension, and must now serve five more.

What he did happened at the high school football field in Fox Chapel last Friday night.

David had been in the woods where he used his hunting knife. He was dropped off at the football game, realized he had the knife and walked right up to a security guard and gave him the knife.

“He put it on the table next to him, said I could go into the game and he’d get me later on,” said David.

He was grabbed by the principal within minutes, thrown out of the game and suspended from school Monday morning for 10 days.

“I tried doing the right thing for turning my knife in, and I don’t know why they punished me for that,” David said.

The Schnaffner family and their lawyer attended a meeting at the Fox Chapel School District superintendent’s office this morning. And after more than an hour, both sides came to an agreement.

“Once a determination was discovered of all the facts and circumstances, I think Fox Chapel got it right and they made the right decision,” said attorney Phil Dilucente.

According to sources, the agreement stipulates Schaffner will serve out the full 10-day suspension.

However, there will be no expulsion hearing and there will be no permanent record of the incident in his student file. His attorney will not comment on the details.

“Fortunately, he will not be expelled,” said Dilucente. “I think it was because all the facts were learned. We applaud the Fox Chapel School District in their handling of this matter.”

School officials now say David can return to school on Sept. 30.

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