PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The baby tiger at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium now has a name.

After five months, zoo officials made the announcement — and chose a name with clear ties to his family background.

He has been named Paval and the newest addition to the tiger exhibit has changed considerably.


“He’s growing, but he still does little cub behaviors – wrestling, swimming, playing. It’s all fun,” Lead Mammal Keeper Kathy Suthard said.

If you see Paval with his mom, they don’t look that different in size, but there’s really a big difference.

Pavel is 70 pounds right now. When full grown, he will be about 400 pounds and it’s just about time for a big growth spurt.

“I think he is really going to start to increase now. We will definitely see a big growth spurt coming,” Suthard said.

Like most teenagers, Paval is eating a ton. Specifically, he eats two pounds of meat each day. Despite the adult diet, he’s still a little kid at heart.

“His bites are stronger, but she pays him back,” Suthard said.

KDKA’s Rick Dayton Reports:

Zoo officials said they chose the name Paval because they’re always looking for unique names for their animals.

Paval is a Russian name and both of the little cub’s parents were born in Russia.


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