ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police and the SWAT team converged on a home in Ross Township where a man allegedly barricaded himself inside this afternoon.

It all started just after 1 p.m. when authorities say a woman inside a home on Mount Troy Road called police because she was concerned a man in the residence with her threatened to harm himself.

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She was extremely concerned because the man had a gun in his possession and she was afraid for him.

Police and SWAT responded to the scene in the Mount Troy Road and Mount Troy Road Extension area.

School buses that travel in that area at that time were diverted as a safety precaution.

Also, people living in the area were asked to stay indoors.

Sadly, by the time police actually entered the home, the man involved had already taken his own life.

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But police had taken extraordinary measures to keep all of the children in a heavily-travelled area at bay.

“That is an area filled with a lot of children, coming from a lot of different schools. We were able to make contact with the school buses prior to the drop off time. We advised them that they would not be able to go down, I believe it was three or four different streets,” said Sgt. Benjamin Dripps, of Ross Township Police.

“We did have officers standing by on the main road, so that if any children were dropped off, they were at no time in harm’s way. They were with police officers the entire time. They were able to stay there, able to wait for their parents or on some occasions we actually took high school students home to their residence,” Sgt. Dripps added. “If it was inside the perimeter that had been set, we only took them home if a parent was there to take custody of them. The children on the outside, we gave rides home just so that they weren’t walking along the streets trying to fulfill a natural curiosity of what was going on.”

Everything was back to normal just before 4 p.m.


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