Officials warn that with the Affordable Care Act launching Tuesday, there could also be a rise in scams.

Open enrollment started today and the Pa. Attorney General’s office says it will monitor consumer complaints to try to track any scams.

In a statement, officials warn:

  • “Be wary of illusory government and company names claiming to help with enrollment, especially if they list a toll-free number other than that of the official help center. Enrollment is simply an option available to consumers, who will not be contacted by state or federal government in person or by phone, email or text.
  • Guard your personal information. If you get a call or email asking to verify personal information for any government health insurance plan or for a Medicare card, hang up the phone or ignore the email. You will not be contacted and Medicare is not a part of the marketplace.
  • Do not be influenced by the mention of special rates or discounts, as none exist beyond the cuts set by the marketplace.
  • Ignore any correspondence asking for a fee. There is no fee to submit an application to enroll in a plan in the marketplace, and the people trained to help consumers with the ACA transition will not ask for money.
  • Licensed insurance brokers and agents can seek compensation from insurers or consumers consistent with state law. You can check to see whether a broker or agent is licensed by going to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department website at or by calling 1-877-881-6388.”