OAKDALE (KDKA) — Hybrid, propane, natural gas.

Dozens of alternative fuel vehicles were on display today.

It was all part of an event called “Odyssey Day.”

From dump trucks used by the city of Pittsburgh Public Works Department to Port Authority buses to propane-powered school buses, all sorts of vehicles were on display at CCAC’s West Hills Center in Oakdale.

The fourth annual “Odyssey Day” was all about educating the public on the benefits of using alternative fuels.

Experts like Bob Koch say there are a number of benefits for a consumer’s wallet, as well as the environment.

“Most definitely cleaner air,” he said. “Especially the CNG vehicles, they are just like turning your stove on, you can sit and run day after day and we’re not contributing to the pollution issues that we have around the country.”

Participants in Odyssey Day not only had the chance to walk around and check out the vehicles, but also learn about different fueling stations.

Rick Price from Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities says someday the gas stations we currently use to fill up won’t exist.

“We’re just on the cusp of a lot of alternative fuels here and all the different technologies,” he said. “You are going to see electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles. You are going to see propane vehicles both dedicated and bi-fuel. You are going to see natural gas vehicles both dedicated and bi-fuel, as well as biodiesel.”

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