PITTSBURGH (News Radio 1020 KDKA) – How do you talk to your kids about drug abuse before it’s too late? Lori Vish-Stearns and Kim Andrews from The Reality Tour Organization, which deals with the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse among kids, talk about the consequences that come along with the use and abuse of drugs.

“It’s easy to make a wrong decision and I don’t think they think about the consequences that take place 10 minutes after their high is gone,” says Stearn. “One of our goals is to educate that drugs is something that can have consequences many years into the future.”

Some of the other topics Rob Pratte talked to the women about were the epidemic of prescription drug abuse and how it is growing exponentially and that part of the problem is that parents just don’t know what is in their medicine cabinets.

Asked if drug abuse discriminates between girls and boys, Kim Andrews says, “Statistics are showing that girls are starting to drink and use drugs earlier than boys.”

The Reality Tour begins in November. This is described more as a preventive program where they hope to get to kids before they are exposed to drugs and alcohol.

You can see more by going to www.communityhealthchallenge.org or www.realitytour.org