PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Leon Ford was shot during a 20-minute traffic stop last November. Now, he could have charges against him dropped as officials look at crucial piece of evidence – dash cam video.

However, there was a twist to the proceedings Wednesday morning in the form of an addition charge.

The judge who was to hear the case and decide whether or not he would drop charges against Ford was delayed by another jury trial.

KDKA’s Paul Martino Reports:

During the delay, the District Attorney’s Office added another charge.

“Instead of the DA’s office doing the correct thing by potentially considering to withdraw the charges, what they did is the DA had an underling come in and hand my brother, Fred, a charge of escape and they will add an additional charge of escape,” Monte Rabner said.

The rally and news conference that took place before the hearing was to begin was an emotional one for those involved especially those who spoke to reporters on the steps of the City County Building. About 40 supporters of the 20-year-old Ford and his legal team want the criminal charges to be dropped, which includes assault, reckless endangerment and motor vehicle violations.

“We simply come here seeking justice to see if the court is going to continue to let the police officers of Pittsburgh perpetuate a fallacy,” Benjamin Crump said.

KDKA’s Paul Martino Reports:

“It’s our position that this case has no prosecutorial merit and should be quashed at this juncture right now,” Fred Rabner said.

“We are standing up for Leon because Pittsburgh Police paralyzed my son and now, he cannot stand up for himself and will never walk again,” Latanya Green said.

Ford was shot by Zone 5 Police officers last November after he allegedly ran two stop signs in Larimer.

Police said after he was pulled over, Ford refused to get out of the car. There was a scuffle and he sped off dragging one of the officers.

Police took aim and fired, hitting Ford five times, which left him paralyzed.

However, there’s a 20-minute video recorded from the police cruiser showing the entire incident.

“If they really believed Leon Ford had a gun, who would jump in a car with someone who has a gun,” said Crump. “It defies all common sense.”

“Don’t take my word or his word, watch the video,” Leon Ford Sr. said.

Fred and Monte Rabner are handling the civil case in this matter. Ford has also sued the City of Pittsburgh and its police force.

Attorney Benjamin Crump from the Trayvon Martin case is handling the criminal part of the case.

“Dealing with paralysis and catheterization and all this stuff, they’ve got to deal with him spending 20 years in prison,” said Crump. “It is not fair to Leon Ford, Jr. or his parents.”

KDKA’s Brenda Waters Reports:


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