SPRINGDALE (KDKA) — The Springdale Police Department is investigating one of its own. He’s accused of having a sexual relationship with a young woman in his police car.

The alleged encounter happened two nights ago and may have been witnessed by others.

Officials are not commenting.

At least two sources close to the investigation say the alleged encounter happened in a secluded industrial park along the Allegheny River.

Officer David Walton is accused of spending at least 90-minutes with a 19-year-old woman both inside and outside of his police car.

When KDKA stopped at Walton’s home, a woman identified as Kim angrily chased us away.

Kim: “Get out of my house.”

KDKA’s Paul Martino: “Excuse me, ma’am. Calm down.”

Kim: “Get!”

Martino: “Please, calm down.”

Kim: “No! Get!”

Martino: “Are you Mrs. Walton?”

Kim: “Get out of my [expletive] house.”

At the Springdale Police Department, there is no comment.

Mayor Eileen Miller is the acting police chief. She tells KDKA’s Paul Martino that attorneys have advised her not to talk.

Meanwhile, Walton is not scheduled for duty while the investigation continues. He was already planning to be off this weekend.

KDKA’s Paul Martino talked to Walton on the phone; he referred us to borough officials.

But it’s clear the allegations have stirred up fierce emotions.

Kim: “Get away from the front of my house before I call 911.”

This isn’t the first scandal for the Springdale Police Department.

Earlier this year, a former Springdale Police sergeant pleaded guilty to violating civil rights after punching and using a Taser on a man who was in handcuffs.

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