CHARLEROI (KDKA) — Last week, Wayne Crawford of Brownsville told police that he tucked his baby daughter in bed and kissed her goodnight before going to work.

When he came home, his child and the baby’s mother were gone.

In a text, the mother said she has the baby and left to go clear her head.

Emma Lorraine Crawford is just 1-year-old.

Emma was last seen one week ago at her grandmother, Cathy Myers’s, home on Monongahela Avenue in North Charleroi.

Police say Emma’s mother, 40-year-old, Tara Ames, disappeared with the little girl after the father, Wayne Crawford, was granted emergency custody.

Crawford, as well as Charleroi Police, went to the grandmother’s home to get Emma but we’re told that she does not know where her daughter and the baby are currently living.

Emma is blue-eyed with brown hair.

Tara Ames has red hair, is 5’6”, and weighs 200 pounds.

According to the criminal complaint, Crawford is concerned for the safety of his child because Ames admitted that she has a drug problem.

Ames is charged with a felony count of interfering with the custody of children.

If you have any information of where Ames and her daughter might be, contact Charleroi Regional Police.

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