PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — We love our pets; the pet hair they leave around the house, not so much.

The Sticky Buddy claims to be able to help solve your pet hair mess problems.

At its base, it’s the traditional lint roller we’ve all seen and used, but the Sticky Buddy is supposed to be stronger, reusable, and it includes built in rubber fingers that are supposed to allow you to dig into crevices and clean more effectively.

We needed someone who deals with a lot of pet hair to help us test the Sticky Buddy, and the Trautman family of Forest Hills fit the bill.

They have a 140-pound St. Bernard and two cats.

Claudia Trautman told KDKA’s Jennifer Antkowiak that she chose hardwood floors and leather furniture in an effort to reduce the places that pet hair can build up, but it hasn’t eliminated the problem.

“We have fur pretty much everywhere,” Claudia said.

And, she knows firsthand that trying to clean it all up can be time-consuming and expensive.

“We have a regular vacuum, and then we have a small one so that I can get in the edges and the corners. Then, we have the Swiffer, the wet Swiffer, the dry Swiffer. We have baby wipes,” said Claudia. “We use it all pretty much.”

So, anything that promises to save time and money in cleaning up pet hair sounds great to Claudia.

The host in the commercial for Sticky Buddy says, “It’s the sticky roller that has the power of glue, without the goo!”

And, we noticed right away that the roller was very sticky, but didn’t seem to leave any kind of sticky residue.

There’s really no set up needed; just remove the clear storage cover, peel off the protective film from the roller, and you’re good to go. Simply roll the Sticky Buddy over the area you want to clean.

When your roller looks full, you’re just supposed to rinse it in lukewarm water, shake to dry or use a lint-free towel and you’re ready to roll again; or replace the storage cover till next time.

Claudia followed the cleaning directions and it rinsed off easily, and was sticky again.

Claudia and Jen noticed that some of the sticky coating seemed to separate from the roller as Claudia was rinsing, though.

Claudia used the roller a few more times, as well as the included travel-size Sticky Buddy on a cat toy and other surfaces, including the dog itself!

Dutch seemed to like being groomed with the Sticky Buddy. She kept coming back for more!

Claudia was impressed with how much loose hair she was able to get out of Dutch’s coat.

“Oh my goodness! Wow! It actually does really work really well on her,” she said.

Sticky Budd, a reusable roller with built-in rubber fingers to help you save time and money when cleaning pet hair and more… Does It Really Do That?

Claudia says yes, but with one reservation.

“I actually really like the rubber fingers. I mean, it definitely picked up a lot of fur. I’d be worried about the edges, you know, maybe coming off after you use it a lot, or rinse it a lot, but other than that it seems to work really good.”

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