PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) -Former Pitt defensive tackle Chas Alecxih spent his rookie season in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins. He was a teammate of both Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. He joined the Fan Morning Show on Wednesday to share his thoughts.

Alecxih says there was nothing he would consider harassment when he was there. He says he hates bullying and he always sticks up for kids who were bullied. He said he saw nothing that he would consider bullying. There may have been some rough teasing, but not bullying.

“There is nothing going on in Miami that doesn’t go on in any other locker room,” Alecxih said. “The culture there is acceptable.”

He says at least it was from his perspective when he was there. He said he thinks the Dolphins had no choice but to act quickly by suspending him because of the outcry and how this story blew up.

He says he is sure that the coaches probably asked to have Incognito take Martin, who was a quiet, shy guy, under is wing. He just went too far.

Alecxih says Incognito is a good guy. He said he has no right to say what he said, but he is not a racist.

“He is a good guy,” Alecxih said. “He is the type of dude that when all of the rookies would be out, would give you $100 and say, ‘Make it home safe.’ He had your back.”

Martin was a quiet guy, not an out going guy, but nobody disliked him, according to Alecxih. He would laugh when guys cracked jokes. He just was quiet.

Alecxih says there is no doubt that a majority of the locker room would take Incognito’s side.

“A lot of people thought he (Martin) could have handled this better.” Alecxih said. “But, nobody knows what else he might have been going through.”

Alecxih says he hopes that Incognito would find a job with another team because he is a good player and is not a bad guy at all.

Chas also makes sure to show some love to the Pitt Panthers and Aaron Donald.

He says he doesn’t want to pat himself on the back too hard, but he said during his junior yea,r that Donald might be the most explosive player he has ever seen at Pitt.

That being said, even he is surprised how great he has been.

“He is playing unstoppable.” Alecxih said.

He thinks he has a future in the NFL in the right system.

Chas also applauds J.P. Holtz for saying he doesn’t like Notre Dame because they are cocky. He says he is not alone in his thoughts.

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