SHALER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — It was an unthinkable tragedy.

A father on the verge of losing his job storms into his Shaler Township home on a shooting rampage.

Authorities say he killed his daughter and the family dog before taking his own life.

He also shot his wife and son but they survived.

Following the tragedy, the two have a positive spirit. It’s something they attribute to prayer and an overwhelming amount of support from family, friends and even strangers.

It was Aug. 22 when police say James Edwards came into the family’s home, shooting each member of his family and their dog before turning the gun on himself.

“I miss her so much, but I know she’s watching us,” says Charlene Edwards. “She’s definitely an angel.”

Laurin Edwards, 19, died. She was a daughter and sister. Her family says was a Saint Francis University student with so much promise.

A mother and son bonded together in a way no one but they can understand.

“He was grave, I was critical. He was shot five times and we made it,” Charlene says of herself and her son.

Their journey is one guided by God and grace.

As they look to the future, it’s the simple things the two look forward to the most.

Jimmy Edwards is in therapy twice a week for his hand as one of the bullets went through it.

He plans on heading back to Duquesne University next semester to continue studying his major, pharmacy.

The family also recently got a new dog, another beagle, her name is Sadie, and the Edwards say she’s keeping them very busy.

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