PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police believe some photos posted online may have led up to the shootings near Brashear High School that left three students injured.

The photos show suspect, A.J. Willet, Jr., flashing what police describe as drug money on a Facebook page.

When other students saw the cash, detectives say they allegedly roughed up and tried to rob Willet at Brashear High School on Oct. 18.

On Wednesday, police say Willet came near the high school with a gun and alleged tried to get even, shooting the teens he says robbed him.

“These things fester, you know as well as I do,” said Senior District Judge Charlie McLaughlin.

For Judge McLaughlin, it’s new pictures, old story. As a magistrate, he handled any criminal cases involving the high school. He says they never made it easy.

“It was just a random punch in the jaw, broke his jaw,” said Judge McLaughlin.

It certainly wasn’t as serious as Wednesday’s shooting, but the judge says years ago a student broke another student’s jaw at the school.

He issued a warrant and sent his constables to Brashear High School to arrest the student.

“The school gave us problems trying to arrest him,” said Judge McLaughlin. “They didn’t want to cooperate. They said that my constables weren’t allowed in there and Pittsburgh Police had no authority unless they were called in there.”

That incident happened before Dr. Linda Lane became superintendent; still, Judge McLaughlin says there has to be more cooperation between the district and police.

“It’s a police action, give the police the facts, let them do the decision-making and the arrest making; whatever has to be done,” said Judge McLaughlin.

A Pittsburgh Public Schools spokesman describes Wednesday’s incident as isolated.

Regarding the fight in October, they say students were disciplined and charges were filed.

They also say they work with Pittsburgh Police on almost a daily basis.

Regarding the comments made by Judge McLaughlin, the district describes them as unfortunate.

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