PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Whether it’s crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes or frown lines, the contours of our faces can reveal our age.

But doctors are erasing those lines by filling in the creases with what are known as fillers.

Deborah Lovelace of Murrysville decided it was time.

“You spend all your time and money on your kids and I decided to do something nice for myself,” said Lovelace.

Lovelace was bothered by the dark circles under her eyes that made her look tired.

“I just wanted to look maybe a little younger once I pushed 40 or 50,” she said.

She went back to see board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Leong, for a filler under her eyes after a good result a year earlier.

“We’re going to use Restalyne L into teardrop area to address dark circles or tired-looking under eye,” Dr. Leong said.

What’s new is how it’s injected.

“This looks like a needle, tiny like a needle, but if you push up against a glove, wouldn’t do that with a needle, it’s a rounded tip – a blunt tip,” Dr. Leong said.

It’s called a microcanulla – and it can reduce the chance of bruising up to 10 times.

“If you were injecting with a hypodermic needle, as most fillers are still injected in the U.S., that sharp needle, it’s like a little knife and if it comes up against any small vessels or capillaries, it will cause a bruise,” Dr. Leong said.

The microcanulla actually moves in between the capillaries instead.

Dr. Leong says bruising is the No. 1 complaint about fillers and microcanullas reduce that risk dramatically.

“I’m working this afternoon, so yeah, same day, no problem at all,” Lovelace said.

Some before and after photos of Dr. Leong’s patients show the difference in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Another new advancement is a filler called Boletera that’s been in use for just a few months at Idea Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery on the South Side.

“Boletero, you’re able to inject it, versus superficially, almost right under the skin,” Dr. Leong said.

Leong’s filled in the fine lines around Lovelace’s eyes.

“A couple year ago, if someone wanted these etched lines taken away with fillers, there weren’t any options,” Dr. Leong said. “This has given us that option.”

It also has another advantage over other fillers.

“When you inject some kinds of fillers, you can get a slight blue hue under the skin if injected superficially,” Dr. Leong said. “When injecting Boletero, it’s designed in such a way that you don’t get a blue hue.”

And Lovelace says she’s happy with the results of her procedure.

“You know, you’re very critical looking at yourself in the mirror, and I was definitely happier looking at myself in the mirror, which means a lot,” she said.

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