PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Two Beaver County mothers are facing charges for allegedly leaving their children at home while they allegedly went a neighbor’s house to drink.

Casie Jo Woods and Nicole Draxinger are accused of abandoning their children who range in age from 7-years-old to 7-months old.

The incident happened back in September, but the Ambridge Police Chief just filed charges getting all the statements he needed from neighbors.

Some of the children were reportedly seen wandering the streets of Ambridge, in nothing but diapers.

A neighbor spotted four children walking around the Crestview Village Apartments looking for their mothers.

“For a 2-year-old and a 7-month-old to be outside at 10-o-clock at night with just diapers on, you know, and the people that were responsible for them were a 7 and a 4-year-old, it’s just totally unacceptable,” said Ambridge Police Chief James Mann.

Mann says while the children were wandering, Woods and Draxinger were out partying at a nearby apartment.

However, Woods says she was never at the party and that her children were never home alone.

“No, I was out back on my porch, he approached my front door which was locked, the living room door, the screen door was locked,” she said. “The only way to lock that is from the inside. I can’t help that he knocked on the wrong door, I didn’t hear it, I was sitting out back.”

Mann says he knocked on both doors of the house and that neighbors say they saw Woods at the party. Mann said he waited for both women to leave.

“I’m getting Ambridge Police Department slandering me, saying that my kids, you know, I’m a bad mom and I endangered their welfare,” Woods said. “If it was that serious, why wasn’t I arrested that night? Why didn’t they take my children from me?”

Mann says he talked to Woods for at least 20 minutes before Draxinger came out of the party.

Both women are facing child endangerment charges.


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