PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Gov. Tom Corbett is defending a transportation funding bill that raises what he calls “fees” on gasoline suppliers.

The bill faces a final vote in the House and is expected to be passed and signed by the governor. Analysts have said uncapping the oil company franchise tax will add close to 30 cents a gallon over the next five years, but Gov. Corbett tells KDKA’s John Shumway that’s not a certainty.

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Gov. Corbett believes that the bill needs to be passed because deteriorating roads is a public safety issue and they need to be fixed.

If the bill passes, the governor says that weight restrictions that are currently on some bridges could be lifted five or six years down the line. Some claim the restrictions were put on to force the legislature into acting.

“I don’t operate that way,” Corbett said. “Weight restrictions are put on there to extend the life of the bridge.”

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Corbett also responded to some critics that are making claims that the fee that will be charged to gasoline suppliers is basically a tax and the citizens of the state will see the increase at the pump. The governor says there are many factors that go into determining the prices of gas and that it is hard to tell if the fee will be passed along to consumers.

“This is a bill that is good for the people of Pennsylvania as a whole,” Corbett said. “This is a public safety bill, it’s not a tax bill, it is not a jobs bill, it is a public safety bill.”

Governor Corbett says the infrastructure of the state is deteriorating and the roads and bridges need to be fixed.

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