By Kym Gable

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s non-surgical, non-invasive and very discreet. It’s something you can wear at home too and Pittsburgh is one of the first cities in the country to get a shipment.

It’s often called your crowning glory and we’re bombarded by images of men and women who have healthy, thick, luscious locks of hair.

Losing it can be frustrating and heartbreaking.

The clientele at hair loss clinics is getting younger, like Bill Ainsworth who is a patient at the Hair Restoration Institute in Pittsburgh.

“It’s the only place around where you can get something done without something drastic or surgery. In my case, I would have had to wait 10 years until I actually had significant hair loss,” Ainsworth said. “Instead of just noticing the beginnings of it, catching it while you’re young.”

Ainsworth receives low-level laser therapy with the MEP-90, which is a commercial machine that is FDA cleared to re-grow hair.

After six months, his hairline changed pretty dramatically.

Now, a California-based company is unveiling the Theradome.

It’s a clinical strength laser helmet for home use.

“It’s got a little better wavelength than the MEP and it’s also going to sit down on someone’s head so — where the MEP will sit about an inch above it, this is going to be right down on top of it,” HRI Clinical Services Director Grant Gunderson said.

For 20 minutes, twice a week, the 82 glowing diodes stimulate the scalp. After 18 treatments users can expect fuller, shinier locks. After 50 treatments, hair can start to re-grow.

“Well, they all think it’s really cool that it’s something they’ll have at home that’s the same strength as the MEP and we never thought we’d get to that position,” Gunderson said.

“It is a lot better to be home rather than drive Downtown and do it, but there’s benefits to coming in and getting checked, too, I think. So, I think a combination of the things is what I’d prefer,” Ainsworth said.

Susan Kettering is the owner of HRI and said her female clients are also getting younger.

“In the past 20 years, there wasn’t an answer, but now we know it is diet, it is stress, it is hormonal changes. It’s heredity,” Kettering said.

It’s so devastating that some wear wigs or extensions while waiting for the treatments to work.

“Hair is big. I don’t care what anybody says. Just to lose a little in the front hairline makes your style dramatically different,” Kettering said.

She can’t wait for some of them to try the Theradome.

“I can’t tell you how revolutionary this is and how wonderful it’s going to be for clients not to have to go back and forth, but in their own home,” Kettering said.

“It’s exciting to watch men get their hair back, but boy, nothing’s as rewarding as to see a woman get her hair back and be happy with how she looks again,” Gunderson said.

The manufacturer says, for a very limited time, the Theradome will be sold for $695. In December, the price will increase by about $200. Hair experts strongly recommend potential buyers first get a diagnosis for their hair loss at a clinic like HRI before purchasing a Theradome. HRI will order them for clients on an as-needed basis.

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