PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote had to take a break from the studio because of a short practice week, but joined The Fan Morning Show in his regular weekly Tuesday spot.

Foote gets a laugh out of the guys when he says that he has a major part in the turnaround with these young guys when he thought Mr. Rooney might be listening.

Foote says he has to coach these guys up. He takes full credit for the streak.

The Steelers don’t have long before they get another test of this streak as they travel to Baltimore on Thanksgiving night. The Thursday night games are not a hit with the players.

“It’s trying to force your body to do something it’s not used too,” Foote said. He said it’s usually Friday before you feel that you are ready to play another game.

It makes it easier to get up for games though when your season is on the line and you are playing your rival.

“To hell with the body and how you feel. You got to get out there and get a W,” Foote said.

That win will not come easily as the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco are starting to get hot.

Foote adds that Ray Rice has really started to gear up the last couple of games and looks healthy. He said it will be a real challenge this week.

Foote says the hope for this season can be seen now. The Steelers have put themselves back into the playoff conversation.

“It’s right there,” Foote said. “We can reach out and touch it.”

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