PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A lot of people showed up Friday at the hearing for the teenager charged in the shootings near Brashear High School.

The defense says plenty of his family members were there including a number from out of town.

Defense attorney Blaine Jones said Anjohnito Willet has plenty of family support.

“We had nine family members here. Four of which traveled from Buffalo, N.Y. Four hours to be here in support of their son that’s never ever been in any type of trouble. Juvenile, adult, nothing. A good kid,” said Jones.

The prosecution though had a number of people, too.

Victims and witnesses who found themselves part of the massive police presence outside Brashear High School when gunfire rang out from the woods injuring three students as school dismissed last month.

Willet, 16, is charged with the shooting. He was arrested by police later in the afternoon following the shooting, accused of lying in wait in nearby woods.

But the prosecution did not have all they expected at today’s hearing, according to Willet’s attorney.

“The hearing was postponed today because the Commonwealth was not ready to proceed,” said Jones. “It’s my understanding that there’s no one at this point in time that can place a gun in my client’s hands, so the Commonwealth had to take a continuance.”

Investigators say the shooting was retaliation for a fight in October resulting from Internet posts by Willet, but his lawyer denies that.

“My client did not have any kind of ax to grind; he didn’t post anything on Facebook or Twitter or any type of threats, nothing like that. My client has no motive whatsoever to hurt anyone,” said Jones.

Willet’s preliminary hearing has been postponed till next month.

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