By: Andrew LimbergBy Larry Richert

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – The holidays are quickly approaching and time is running out on finding that perfect gift. The gadget guru, Dr. Frank Viggiano is here to help. He joined KDKA Radio’s Larry Richert and John Shumway to give some ideas with only a couple shopping weeks left.

It seems like everything now has Bluetooth. The newest thing to have the technology is a Bluetooth glove, so what is a Bluetooth glove?

“Well, it’s a glove that has a speaker in the thumb and it has a microphone in his little pinky at the end, so when you talk, your thumb is at your ear and your pinky is at your mouth,” he said.

It also allows you to answer your smartphone without having to take the glove off. The glove runs for about $69.

Another item Dr. Frank talked about is a new Bluetooth speaker called the Oontz Angle portable Bluetooth speaker.

“You simply plug it in and charge it. It works for 10 hours and you can stream any of your music and your sound,” he said.  Dr. Frank adds it runs on batteries and is wireless. It is about $40.

Dr. Frank also previewed a belt that doesn’t have holes, but rather runs on a track and adjusts “every quarter of an inch.”

“You don’t need to know that size of the person you’re buying it for, he said.

He says he has been wearing it himself and that, “it’s awesome.” The price on the belt runs between $50 and $99.

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