PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan)- The Craig Adams Show with Vinnie and Cook took place on Tuesday, and Adams talked about the Shawn Thornton take down of Brooks Orpik. Orpik’s hit on Loui Eriksson earlier in the game upset the Bruins, and they were further agitated when Orpik wouldn’t give the Bruins satisfaction of fighting. Adams said that it’s not a new question in the sport.

“What do you do when you’re confronted with that situation, when you want some retribution and you can’t get it to your satisfaction? There’s a lot of different ways to handle it, and obviously the way it was handled there’s no room for that in our game,” Adams said. “I would say the same for Nealer (James Neal). It was a mistake on his part, and it’s kind of an age-old question I think in our game in how do you go about those types of situations and I think both guys crossed the line obviously.”

Richichi asked what protocol is involved when players feel that an injustice has been done to one of their teammates.

“The tough part about all of these unwritten rules is that they’re not written down. There’s so much room for argument and interpretation,” Adams said. “A lot of times I think the players don’t know what’s expected of them and what they should do and how far they should go.” Adams added that a lot of times you don’t get justice, but you have to learn to deal with that and move on; you can’t hurt people.

Cook asked if the players respect each other enough.

“Not enough,” Adams replied. “Most guys do most of the time. I think some guys don’t, and then there are guys that probably do but have a weak moment.” Adams added,”We need to be able to trust each other out there, even guys on the other team, even guys that you don’t like, even guys that maybe want to get back at you for something you did.”

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