PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – A party in New York City brought a feud between two very important Pittsburgh political figures to a head. Friday night County Controller Chelsa Wagner was asked to leave a party hosted by mayor-elect Bill Peduto and County Executive Rich Fizgerald.

The two took on the subject on the Mike Pintek show. Wagner explains she received an invitation and can produce the email copy of the invitation to prove her story.

She then adds she never expected in the “spirit of the holiday” he wouldn’t allow her in the party.

“I received the invitation and RSVP-ed that I would be coming,” said Chelsa Wagner. “I was rather dismayed when I walked in and was asked to leave.”

Mike asked the question about what it would take for the two of them to could make up. She responded that “very plainly he needs to grow up.”

“He needs to understand that I was elected to be the controller of this county,” said Wagner. “I am, on policy matters, call him out when I find something wrong in county government.”

She hopes that if he can understand that fact the two of them will get along.

“I think Rich’s approach to governing has really demonstrated itself,” said Wagner. “If somebody disagrees with him, if somebody is not going to march in line with him, than there’s not room for that person in government.”

She adds that she’s confident enough to say that he holds nothing personal against her, but her position as the “fiscal watchdog”. She just wants the two of them to work together to better the people of Allegheny County.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald also went on the show and addressed the situation with Wagner. He began by explaining that the party was only for supporters and friends of Peduto and himself, not for everyone.

Fitzgerald adds that a member of his staff made a mistake in inviting her and she was “an unwanted guest.”

“She has continued to be a political nuisance to us,” said Fitzgerald. “Why would I want my enemy at my party?”

He concludes on the matter by standing by his decision to remove her from the party. He calls her an “obstructionist” and is confused why she would even come to party the two of them were having when he believes she’s done everything she can to hurt them.