INDUSTRY (KDKA) – Acting on instinct, a man tried to save his neighbors from their burning home Sunday night.

It was a fast-moving, intense fire and despite his best rescue attempt, the couple inside the home lost their lives.

“I smelled smoke coming back to my house over there and something told me to make the turn,” William Myatt said.

Myatt did just that and saw the home at 3100 Pine Grove Road was roaring with flames. Despite this, he began a desperate lone attempt to alert anyone inside to the growing inferno.

“I started popping out the windows one pane at a time yelling, ‘Is anybody in there?’” Myatt said. “I went to the other side [to a] side door. I kicked that door open and got met with a bunch of smoke and it was black I was under the assumption there was nobody in there. I didn’t hear anything.”

Firefighters from six different departments finally suppressed the flames. They eventually found the bodies of 53-year-old Tom Modany in the hallway and his wife, 52-year-old Jeanne Modany in the kitchen.

Watch Mary Robb Jackson’s report:

Jeanne was close to the side door where Myatt tried to enter.

“I’m just wondering about how far that lady was from the door. That sort of bothers me,” Myatt said.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.


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